Simulator Solutions

Following more than fifteen years experience designing, building and maintaining simulators, Simulator Solutions created SimStack.

SimStack was designed from the ground up to be a comprehensive input/output solution for simulators of all types, shapes and sizes.

Some of the features of SimStack include:

  • scalable and simple stackable design
  • flexible enough to adapt to all input / output challenges
  • flexible voltage support with high current capacity
  • able to support real world and replica components with no modifications
  • Ethernet connectivity with an onboard processor

The first SimStack was successfully installed in an operational simulator in October 2014 following two years of development.  SimStack is now running in more than 25 simulators around the world and is quickly becoming the system of choice for both simulator manufacturers and operators.

For more information about the SimStack product range, please visit the SimStack pages, our FAQs or complete the Contact Form .  

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