747-400 Cockpit Comes Alive

Over the last two weeks, Simulator Solutions have worked to bring a former Cathay Pacific 747-400 cockpit back to life as a simulator using SimStack and Genuine 747-400 parts.

Simulator Solutions created new wiring looms connected to SimStacks to support the genuine 747-400 parts. Once onsite we installed the wiring looms and mounted the SimStacks around the cockpit. We then installed the Overhead Panels, Main Instrument Panels and Centre Pedestal panels. In addition we installed a new DC Auto Throttle motor and connected the original Aircraft Control Synchros and Throttle Resolvers to SimStack cards.

In total, we installed 26 SimStacks, 4,000 metres of wire and used 1,200 new pins in 106 cannon connectors! There are 329 Digital Inputs, 31 Analog Inputs, 272 Outputs and 416 Ground connections in this project so far.

Below are some pictures taken during the installation project in Belgium.

The Starting Point
Wiring Looms Installed
Overhead Panel SimStacks

Now Exhibiting at IITSEC 2018

ITSEC 2018 has begun…

If you are in Orlando, FL drop by our Simulator Solutions stand to see SimStack in operation.

This is also the official launch of our new Synchro and Power Monitoring boards that provide SimStack with even more capabilities.

We also have a demonstration of SimControl, a web based control and management interface that can bring together simulator data and diagnostic information in one display that can be access from a PC, tablet or even mobile phone.

You can find us at Booth 419 in the main exhibition hall.


SimStack Now Compatible with DSix

Simulator Solutions are delighted to announce that their SimStack hardware is now compatible with Bihrle Applied Research Inc’s DSix flight model development and host software.  The launch customer for this new interface is Off Planet Simulation and their new Dauphin AS365 N3 multi-crew helicopter simulator.

The ability to link the SimStack hardware interface provides a new level of flexibility for Simulator Builders, especially those who want to harness the use of genuine cockpit parts.  SimStack can interface directly with OEM aircraft hardware without the need for time consuming and expensive modifications.  Being able to use the genuine aircraft hardware greatly improves the realism of the simulator and also reduces build time.

SimStack hardware communicates with DSix over Ethernet utilising Simulator Solutions SimStack Switch software that translates hardware movement into the specific variables that DSix requires.  The use of Ethernet communications removes distance limitations found with traditional hardware and results in a single Ethernet cable being used to connect hardware to software.

For more information about the SimStack to DSix connection, please contact us.

For more information about DSix, please visit the Bihrle Applied Research Inc website.


New Product – SimStack Power Monitor Launched

Simulator Solutions are delighted to announce another new product has joined the SimStack family – the SimStack Power Monitoring board.

The SimStack Power Monitoring board is a core part of Simulator Solutions comprehensive simulator monitoring suite.

The SimStack Power Monitoring board can simultaneously measure the current and voltage of up to 4 DC power busses.  Up to 4 SimStack Power Monitoring boards can be added to any stack allowing the monitoring of up to 16 independent power busses.

SimStack Power Monitoring Board

The information from the SimStack Power Monitoring board is displayed on our customised HTML5 based web interface.  The Simulator Monitoring suite can monitor environmental, the position of maintenance hatches, doors, access gantries, etc.  Other temperature, pressure, position and status sensors are supported by the SimStack Monitoring Suite providing total simulator monitoring on your customised interface.

Please visit the SimStack Power Monitoring board page for full details.

New Product – SimStack Synchro Launched

Simulator Solutions are delighted to announce the launch of SimStack Synchro.

SimStack Synchro is a unique product that provides a direct digital interface to both Synchros and Resolvers.  SimStack Synchro mounts to a SimStack Foundation Board and can provide up to 4 Rx channels and 2 Tx channels with a rotational accuracy of 0.1 degrees.  A SimStack Synchro Daughter board provides the ability to drive the Tx and Rx channels at different voltages and frequencies to suit a wide variety of hardware.

SimStack Synchro will be displayed on the Simulator Solutions stand at the 2018 IITSEC conference in Orlando, FL starting November 26.

Please visit the SimStack Synchro page for full details.

See Simulator Solutions at I/ITSEC 2017 in Orlando

Simulator Solutions are excited to be exhibiting at I/ITSEC 2017 in Orlando, Florida!

I/ITSEC (Interservice / Industry Training, Simulation and Education Conference) is the world’s largest modeling, simulation, and training conference and runs from Monday November 27th until Thursday November 30th.

Our stand features demonstrations of SimStack in action and a special sneak peak of our latest Synchro Control Board.

We will be on hand to answer questions at Stand 2729 in the main Exhibition Hall, adjacent to Concord Aerospace. The Concord Aerospace stand features a number of genuine aircraft components controlled directly by SimStack.

Australasian Simulation Congress

This week Simulator Solutions is showcasing our range of products and services at the Australasian Simulation Congress in the new Sydney Exhibition Centre.

Our exhibit demonstrates the flexibility of the SimStack solution come visit and discuss how our services can address your needs. 

SimStack 737 MCDU Conversion Kit

Simulator Solutions have been working with a customer over the last few months to develop a MCDU conversion kit for the 737.

This conversion kit will provide all the parts to turn a genuine Classic 737 MCDU into a 737-NG MCDU*, including

  • SimStack Foundation Board – Pre-configured and wired.
  • 5.6″ Colour LCD Display and driver board with custom Firmware and custom glass panel.
  • Mounting brackets and hardware for all parts.
  • Comprehensive instructions
  • Complete wiring harness

For a comprehensive review of the SimStack 737 MCDU by our launch customer, please visit his website at: flaps2approach.com.

The 737 MCDU Conversion kit will be available for sale in the second half of 2017 for US$550.

Please contact us for more information or to register your interest.

* Please note that some parts of the MCDU chassis may require machining to ensure SimStack parts will fit correctly.

Custom Connector and Wiring Loom Service

Simulator Solutions have launched their Custom Connector and Wiring Loom Service.  This service enables Simulator Solutions to provide surplus MIL-SPEC connectors with custom wiring looms from their large stock of surplus Boeing and Airbus standard connectors to simulator builders.Custom Connector and Wiring Loom Service

Having gone to the trouble of finding genuine parts for your simulator, it is a shame to have to hack them up because the connectors are too difficult to find.  If you are lucky enough to acquire parts with connectors still attached, they are usually supplied with only a short stump of aviation grade wire that is difficult to work with and too short to be useful.

Simulator Solutions will work with you to design a custom wiring loom to suit your simulator.  In many cases, the large multi-pin connectors only need a fraction of the original number of connectors to bring panels back to life. 

Simulator Solutions offer a Connector Exchange Program and a Loom Only Service where we re-pin your connectors and create looms to meet your requirements.

Simulator Solutions looms use new PVC insulated, 20 AWG copper wire in a variety of colours to simplify wiring.  Each connector and loom is labelled and a complete wiring summary is provided for your records.

Please visit our website for more detailed information about Simulator Solutions’s Custom Connector and Wiring Loom Service.

SimStack Ground Board

The SimStack Ground board is designed to help manage ground connections in your simulator and is now available through the Simulator Solutions Online Store.  

The SimStack Ground Board is the same size as a SimStack Input board and is mounted in a standard SimStack.  Each board can aggregate up to 40 individual ground connections and handle in excess of 30 Amps of current.

SimStack Ground Board

When wiring up a simulator, a large number of ground wires need to be correctly terminated.  SimStack Ground was designed to offer an easy way to terminal these ground connections in a simple and effective way.  Correct grounding of DC power circuits is important as floating ground potential problems cause strange behaviour in simulators and can often be hard to track down.

For more information about the SimStack Ground Board, please visit our Online Store.