SimStack ARINC 429 Interface Board

SimStack ARINC 429 Interface Board plugs directly into the SimStack Foundation Board or the top of any SimStack.  The SimStack ARINC board provides 4 independent ARINC 429 Tx and Rx busses that can be configured as high or low speed. The SimStack ARINC board will allow you to interface directly with hardware running ARINC 429.  Examples of compatible devices include Radio Control Panels (RCP), Transponders, Mode Control Panels (MCP) and data driven instruments such as Horizontal Situation Indicators (HSI), Artificial Horizons (AH) and Remote Magnetic Indicators (RMI).

Each SimStack ARINC 429 board uses high quality Aviation Grade (Holt IC)components to ensure adherence to the ARINC 429 standard and full compatibility with all ARINC 429 avionics.

Simulator Solutions can provide a custom interface to ensure communication with your chosen ARINC unit.

SimStack ARINC 429 v3 Interface Board Features

  • 4 independent ARINC interfaces
  • One Tx bus and one Rx bus per interface (total of 4 Tx and 4 Rx)
  • Standard ARINC 429 protocol support
  • Each bus can operate at High (100Hz) or Low speed (12.5 Hz)
  • Can be supplied with Standard Spring Connectors of Wago pluggable headers
  • Supplied with M3 x 15mm spacers for ease of mounting
  • Dimensions:  160mm wide, 36mm high & 15mm thick
  • Please contact us for a quote to complete an interface to additional items.

This board is available with traditional spring connectors or with the optional Wago 733 series pluggable connectors.

Hardware Price from: US$320.00*

Customised Software Solutions from: US$100.00*

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* Pricing is indicative, subject to change and does not include shipping, tax or other duty charges.