SimStack Distribution Board

The SimStack Distribution board is designed to manage the large number of common connections found in any simulator in a simple and effective way. This board replaced the SimStack Ground board in July 2019.

The SimStack Distribution Board features 4 independent busses to aggregate different power busses. You could combine all four busses together for your ground plane or use this board to quickly and efficiently distribute up to 4 different voltages.

Correct grounding of your DC power circuits is important and floating ground potential problems are some of the most common issues that we see in simulators.  This SimStack board board helps to ensure that all roads lead to ground.

SimStack Distribution board can be mounted on top of a SimStack Foundation Board, or in any standard SimStack.  The board features the same standard connectors found on all other SimStack products to provide quick and easy wiring solutions.

SimStack Distribution Board

SimStack Distribution Board Features

  • 4 Independent distribution channels
  • 40 small spring loaded terminals (10 per bus)
    • Wire Size: 16 – 26 AWG
    • Maximum Current: 2 Amps per terminal
  • 8 large spring loaded terminals (2 per Bus)
    • Wire Size: 8 – 22 AWG
    • Maximum Current: 10 Amps per terminal
  • Maximum total Current Rating – 40 Amps per board
  • Dimensions:  160mm wide, 32mm high & 15mm thick

This board is available with traditional spring connectors or with the optional Wago 733 series pluggable connectors.

Hardware Price from: US$40.00*

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