SimStack Power Monitoring Expansion Board

The SimStack Power Monitoring Expansion board is part of Simulator Solutions comprehensive simulator monitoring suite.

The SimStack Power Monitoring Expansion will simultaneously measure the current and voltage of up to 4 DC power busses.  Up to 4 additional SimStack Power Monitoring boards can be added to any stack allowing the monitoring of up to 16 independent power busses in a single stack.

SimStack Power Monitoring Board

The Simulator Monitoring suite can be used to monitor environmental conditions such as temperature and humidity in multiple locations in and around a simulator.  The SimStack Monitoring Suite be configured to report on the position of maintenance hatches, doors, access gantries, etc.  Other temperature, pressure, position and status sensors are supported by the SimStack Monitoring Suite providing total simulator monitoring on a customised web interface.

SimStack Power Monitoring Expansion Board Features

  • Monitor up to 4 DC busses per board
  • Monitor voltages ranging from 3.3VDC to 48V DC
  • Current monitoring up to 25Amps per bus
  • Up to 4 monitoring boards per stack
  • Access to the SimStack Simulator Monitoring Suite
  • Dimensions: 160mm wide, 32mm high & 15mm thick

Hardware Price from: US$150.00*

Complete Monitoring Solution from: US$250.00*

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* Pricing is indicative, subject to change and does not include shipping, tax or other duty charges.