SimStack Synchro

The SimStack Synchro Board is unique in that it provides a direct digital interface to both Synchros and Resolvers.  The SimStack Synchro board mounts directly to a SimStack Foundation Board and can provide up to 4 Rx channels and 2 Tx channels.

The SimStack Synchro Board can be configured to operate at all standard Synchro voltages and frequencies to provide a very broad range of support to Synchro and Resolver hardware.  The SimStack Synchro Board can be used to read the position of synchros and resolvers in a simulator.  It can also be used to drive Synchro based position indicators in a simulator like rudder repeaters, trim gauges and torque indicators.

SimStack Synchro Board Features

  • 4 independent Synchro or Resolver Rx (Input) channels
  • 2 Independent Synchro Tx (Output) channels
  • Resolution accuracy (Tx & Rx) of 0.1 degrees
  • Support for a wide variety of Synchro voltages and frequencies
    • Ability to run Tx bus & Rx bus on different voltages
  • Support for off board power supply

This board is available with traditional spring connectors or with the optional Wago 733 series pluggable connectors.

Hardware Price from: US$300.00*

Complete Solutions from: US$450.00*

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* Pricing is indicative, subject to change and does not include shipping, tax or other duty charges.