SimStack Foundation Board

A SimStack consisting of a Foundation board, an Output board, and an Input board.

SimStack is a series of modular, stackable circuit boards enabling the integration of real aircraft panels and aftermarket panels with existing simulator software.

SimStack is available for sale in our Online Store.

SimStack Features

  • Connects real aircraft panels to your simulator software with no modification to the panel
  • Communicates via Ethernet, not USB, simplifying cabling, connectivity and compatibility
  • All logic is on each SimStack – no additional computer drivers are required
  • Professional circuit design, layout and manufacturing
  • Up to 128 digital inputs [1]
  • Up to 120 digital outputs [1]
  • Up to 16 analogue inputs [2]
  • Up to 4096 steps of Pulse Width Modulation on every digital output – for dimming LEDs or normal bulbs
  • Native in built H-Bridge for direct motor control
  • Supports up to three separate output voltages between 0 and 32V
  • Supports high output current  – up to 3A per output and up to 30A per board
  • Supports any mix of common cathode or common anode (switched earth and switched supply) outputs
  • Self-tightening spring connectors for connecting hardware – no soldering or terminations required
  • Based on Arduino hardware and software (C++) ensuring broad future compatibility
  • Configuration software works across Mac, PC and Linux (Java)
  • Existing SimStack libraries cater for almost any type of input or output, from digital switches to dimmable backlighting, rotary encoders, potentiometers, 7 segment displays, etc. [2]

[1] May be lower depending on attached hardware and software interface [2] Additional components required 


  Supported Hardware

Momentary SwitchOverheadYesUses one input pin
Locking Position SwitchFlight DirectorYesUses one input pin
Multiple Position Switch Hydraulic PumpsYesUses one input for each position
Input ArraysCircuit BreakersYesOne input per breaker, max 16 contiguous in array, max 8 arrays per input board. (128 total).
Rotary EncoderRadio tuningYesConnects to 2 consecutive input pins
Analog InputsThrottlesYesUp to 8 analogue inputs per SimStack Foundation Board
Analog InputsPotsYesCD74HC4067 expansion connects to SimStack Foundation Board for up to 16 analog inputs
- common cathode
IndicatorsYesUp to 4096 step PWM (Max 3A per channel and 30A per card)
- common anode
IndicatorsYesUp to 4096 step PWM (Max 3A per channel and 30A per card)
Incandescent Lamps
- switched earth
IndicatorsYesUp to 4096 step PWM (Max 3A per channel and 30A per card)
Incandescent Lamps
- switched supply
IndicatorsYesUp to 4096 step PWM (Max 3A per channel and 30A per card)
16 Character DisplayComms PanelYesExpansion display connects to SimStack Foundation Board
Servo MotorOutflow ValvesYesConnects to SimStack Foundation Board
Stepper MotorBrake SourceYesConnects to SimStack Foundation Board
DC MotorAuto Throttle MotorYesConnects to SimStack Foundation Board
RelaysStarter solenoidsYesConnect relay to any output pin
7 Segment DisplaysMCPYesMAX7221 or 7219 8 digit expansion board connects to SimStack Foundation Board
Temperature SensorAmbient cockpitYesDallas one wire connects to SimStack Foundation Board