SimStack 7 Segment Expansion Board

The SimStack 7 Segment Expansion Board will support up to 4 blocks of eight character 7 segment displays. This expansion board can also be used to support 8 x 8 LED dot matrix displays.

Supporting up to 32 7 segment characters, this board is very useful for customers who are building bespoke control panels.

The SimStack 7 Segment Expansion Board offers the flexibility of allowing the use of both common anode and common cathode displays. IDC ribbon cable connectors allow simple wiring and Simulator Solutions can supply a breakout board to suit most 7 segment display blocks.

As with all SimStack boards, this board is designed to stack onto of a SimStack Foundation Board or other SimStack Expansion boards

SimStack 7 Segment Expansion Board

SimStack 7 Segment Expansion Board Features

  • Support for up to 32, 7 segment characters, grouped in in blocks of 8
  • Support for 8 x 8 LED matrix displays
  • Up to four 7 segment boards can be added to a single stack 1
  • Use of the MAX7219 Multiplexing chip
  • Common Cathode displays supported
  • Independent dimming of each block
  • Built in 5V supply
  • Dimensions:  160mm wide, 32mm high & 15mm thick

Hardware Price from: US$180.00*

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1 Total expansion capacity will vary depending on configuration

* Pricing is indicative, subject to change and does not include shipping, tax or other duty charges.