AdaptPSX is a Java application that provides a suite of small but useful additional functions to PSX.

An updated version has been released in May 2017, Beta 8.0

AdaptPSX Features:

Fixes in b8.0:

  • Fix for printing problems – can use native print driver (Alt Print).
  • Fix situation save bug creating too many files
  • Miscellaneous other minor bugfixes

New in b8.0:

  • Added verbose logging
  • Added export of flight information to a text file for use by 3rd part programs (Source / Destination, ETA etc)

Existing Features:

  • Interface for the Aerosoft MCP
  • Interface for the Engravity CDU.
  • Interface the PSX printer to a real printer and relay network traffic to a serial port
  • Automatically save situations when certain activities occur
  • Freeze the sim on each situation load
  • Maintain aircraft configurations when loading a new situation.