SimStack LED Driver Board

The SimStack LED Driver Board is designed to support up to 32 LED channels, arranged in a common Anode configuration. As with all SimStack outputs, each LED channel can be individually dimmed using Pulse Width Modulation.
This board is specifically aimed at simulators with large quantities of LEDs. This board provides a more efficient and cost-effective way of wiring and controlling LEDs, compared with our SimStack Output Board.
The SimStack LED Driver Board offers the flexibility to fit a current limiting resistors that supports the LEDs and voltage in use. The board is split into 2 independent busses, allowing a different supply voltage to be used on each bus. Each of the 32 LED channels is limited to a maximum of 120mA, which means that multiple LEDs can be used on each channel.

As with all SimStack boards, they are designed to stack on top of a SimStack Foundation Board and feature the same standard or optional connectors found on all other SimStack products.

SimStack LED Driver Board Features

  • 32 LED driver channels in a common Anode configuration
  • Independent PWM dimming of each channel with 4096 steps
  • Support for a wide range of LED’s and input voltages
  • User fitted current limiting resistor (Either through hole or surface mount)
  • Common anode voltage passthrough to simplify wiring.
  • Multiple power inputs to allow for easier power distribution
  • Maximum total Current Rating – 120mA per channel
  • Dimensions:  160mm wide, 32mm high & 15mm thick

This board is available with traditional spring connectors or with the optional Wago 733 series pluggable connectors.

Hardware Price from: US$85.00*

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