SimStack DIN Rail Mounting Kit

The SimStack DIN Rail Mounting Kit allows your SimStack Foundation Boards to be clipped to standard DIN Rails.

The DIN Rail Mounting Kit provides you a quick and easy way to mount your SimStack boards and can easily fitted to any existing SimStack Foundation Board. The mounting brackets can be easily clipped to a DIN Rail and removal is as simple as releasing the clips and lifting your SimStack from the DIN Rail.

SimStack DIN Rail Mounting Kit

DIN Rail Brackets
DIN Rail Mounting Kit
DIN Rail Mounting Example

The SimStack DIN Rail Mounting Kit includes 2 fully assembled mounting brackets that screw to your existing SimStack Foundation Board. Note: The centre mounting pin is not required for DIN Rail Mounting, but should still be used between SimStack expansion boards. DIN Rail is available in a variety of different lengths and can be ordered from Electrical Suppliers, eBay, AliExpress or other online sources.  DIN Rail comes with pre-drilled mounting holes making installation simple. A SimStack Foundation Board will sit approximately 20mm above the DIN Rail when using this mounting kit.

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