SimStack Input Board

The SimStack Input Board stacks on top of the SimStack Foundation Board or other input or output boards and provide 32 additional inputs per card.  By adding extra SimStack Input cards to your stack, you can achieve a maximum of 128 digital inputs per SimStack. The flexible SimStack software allows digital inputs to support a variety of hardware types out of the box; including one and two position switches, rotary encoders, momentary buttons and array type inputs that require an array style input such as Circuit Breaker panels.

SimStack Input Board Features

  • 32 digital inputs per board providing up to 128 total digital inputs per SimStack [1]
  • Up to 4 input boards can be added to a single stack [2]
  • Supports multiple hardware input types:
    • Momentary inputs
    • Common pole rotary selectors
    • Normally close (on) switches
    • Normally open (off) switches
    • Rotary encoders
  • Dimensions:  160mm wide, 32mm deep & 15mm high
    • Shipping weight: 65g (Approx) – Shipping weight may vary depending on order quantity and additional packaging.

[1] May be lower depending on attached hardware and software interface [2] On the final board in a stack only 16 inputs will be usable 

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