New Product – SimStack Power Monitor Launched

Simulator Solutions are delighted to announce another new product has joined the SimStack family – the SimStack Power Monitoring board.

The SimStack Power Monitoring board is a core part of Simulator Solutions comprehensive simulator monitoring suite.

The SimStack Power Monitoring board can simultaneously measure the current and voltage of up to 4 DC power busses.  Up to 4 SimStack Power Monitoring boards can be added to any stack allowing the monitoring of up to 16 independent power busses.

SimStack Power Monitoring Board

The information from the SimStack Power Monitoring board is displayed on our customised HTML5 based web interface.  The Simulator Monitoring suite can monitor environmental, the position of maintenance hatches, doors, access gantries, etc.  Other temperature, pressure, position and status sensors are supported by the SimStack Monitoring Suite providing total simulator monitoring on your customised interface.

Please visit the SimStack Power Monitoring board page for full details.