SimStack ARINC 429 Demo

Simulator Solutions is about to commence our first production run of SimStack ARINC 429 boards. We have been working in the background on interfacing more OEM. Below is a rough video showing testing with a real, unmodified 747-400 Mode Control Panel (MCP).  The MCP is connected to a SimStack ARINC 429 board, which plugs directly into the riser of a SimStack Foundation board. Custom code on the Foundation board allows the ARINC 429 hardware to communicate over the Ethernet network.

SimStack ARINC 429 – MCP Demo

The flexibility and power of the SimStack solution delivers a single, integrated solution that allows SimStack to not only communicate with ARINC 429 hardware, but also take care of other I/O functions.  This means that one SimStack Foundation Board, and one SimStack ARINC 429 board can control all aspects of the MCP.