SimStack ARINC 429 Interface

Simulator Solutions are delighted to announce the long awaited release of their ARINC 429 interface, SimStack ARINC.

The SimStack ARINC 429 board allows you to interface directly with ARINC 429 instruments and panels with no modifications to the aircraft equipment.

SimStack ARINC 429 features:

  • 2 independent ARINC 429 interfaces with one Tx bus and one Rx bus per interface (total of 2 Tx and 2 Rx ports)
  • Connects directly to ARINC 429 bus
  • Support for High or Low speed ARINC 429 operation
  • Receives and validates ARINC 429 words for manual processing
  • Automatically handles transmission inter-bit and inter-word timing
  • 32 word FIFO Tx and 32 word FIFO Rx buffers
  • Automatic hardware calculation and insertion of parity bit
  • SimStack Libraries to assist in manipulating ARINC 429 Words
  • Aviation grade IC chipset
  • Standard SimStack Spring connectors providing an easy wiring solution
  • Integration with the SimStack range of products to provide discrete Input and Output connections to ARINC instruments.

SimStack ARINC Each SimStack can support one SimStack ARINC board on the top of the stack. SimStack ARINC has been tested with a range of Honeywell, Bendix and Collins units found in both Boeing and Airbus aircraft. SimStack ARINC allows you to send and receive data from complex ARINC instruments, however SimStack ARINC 429 is not a simple plug and play solution.  In order to work with SimStack ARINC, you will need to be familiar with how to write SimStack code in C++ and you must have a good understanding of the ARINC 429 protocol. The ARINC standard is applied differently between manufacturers so information specific to your hardware is also highly recommended.  Simulator Solutions will work with you to learn the basics of ARINC 429 to get your project up and running. More details about Simulator Solutions SimStack ARINC 429 board can be found by clicking here.