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New Product – SimStack Motor Driver Board

Today the first new SimStack Low Current Motor Driver boards rolled of the production line, ready for our latest simulator project.

New Product – SimStack Synchro Launched

Simulator Solutions are delighted to announce the launch of SimStack Synchro. SimStack Synchro is a unique product that provides a direct digital interface to both Synchros and Resolvers.  SimStack Synchro mounts to a SimStack Foundation Board and can provide up

Custom Connector and Wiring Loom Service

Simulator Solutions have launched their Custom Connector and Wiring Loom Service.  This service enables Simulator Solutions to provide surplus MIL-SPEC connectors with custom wiring looms from their large stock of surplus Boeing and Airbus standard connectors to simulator builders. Having gone to

SimStack Ground Board

The SimStack Ground board is designed to help manage ground connections in your simulator and is now available through the Simulator Solutions Online Store.   The SimStack Ground Board is the same size as a SimStack Input board and is

SimStack ARINC 429 Interface

Simulator Solutions are delighted to announce the long awaited release of their ARINC 429 interface, SimStack ARINC. The SimStack ARINC 429 board allows you to interface directly with ARINC 429 instruments and panels with no modifications to the aircraft equipment. SimStack ARINC

SimSwitch – Support for Prepar3D, ProSim737 & FSX

Simulator Solutions have launched SimSwitch which connects SimStack hardware with Prepar3D, ProSim737 and FSX. SimSwitch is a software switch that allows a SimStack Foundation Board to establish 2 way communication with Prepar3D, ProSim 737 or FSX.  This opens up a new opportunities

SimStack DIN Rail Compatible

SimStack now DIN Rail Compatible Simulator Solutions have released a DIN Rail mounting kit for SimStack which allows SimStack Foundation Boards to be clipped to a standard DIN Rail. The DIN Rail Mounting Kit provides a quick and easy way

SimStack MCDU

Simulator Solutions announce the release of SimStack MCDU. To produce the SimStack MCDU, Simulator Solutions acquired a genuine rotable Honeywell MCDU, and using a SimStack Foundation board, modified it to work with Aerowinx’s PSX 747-400 simulator software. SimStack MCDU features: Full

Our First Delivery & Installation

On Friday night, we passed a significant milestone with the delivery and installation of our first production boards in a 747-400 Simulator. The work took a couple of hours and was relatively straight forward with the hardest part being the