New Product – SimStack Motor Driver Board

Today the first new SimStack Low Current Motor Driver boards rolled off the production line, ready for our latest simulator project.

The SimStack Low Current Motor Driver board has been created to allow control of up to 8 small DC motors. This is a very flexible board that can find many different and innovative uses in any simulator.

Each motor can be controlled in both speed and direction as well as being commanded to freewheel and brake, depending on the requirements.

SimStack Low Current Motor Controller

Some examples of how this new SimStack board can be used are listed below:

  • Operate small motors attached to gauges such as an altimeter or trim gauge
  • Control Air core motors (Sin & Cos), such as those found on car instrument clusters
  • Single direction resistive gauges, such as a temperature or pressure gauge
  • Bi-directional resistive gauges such as a turn or slip indicator

This SimStack board is available with traditional spring connectors or with the optional Wago 733 series pluggable connectors.

More detailed information about this new board can be found here.