Simulator Solutions Software Update

Simulator Solutions has released a significant software update to their SimStack ecosystem. This Simulator Solutions software update includes new versions of SimStack Switch and SimStack Loader, as well as enhancements to the underlying SimStack codebase used to compile SimStack code.

These changes have been under development for more than 12 months and include improvements to both functionality and stability. The updated software can be downloaded from the Software section of the Simulator Solutions website with the production compile servers having already been updated.

This new SimStack software requires 64-bit Java, version 10 or above and supports both OpenJDK and Oracle Java. This allows customers to choose which licensing arrangement is best for their requirements. At the time of release, SimStack software has been tested with both OpenJDK and Oracle Java from versions 10 through 14.

The most significant changes are to the ProSim, Prepar3D and X-Plane interfaces. These now use a Data Dictionary which makes the SimStack interface to these applications more transparent. When these software vendors update their system variables, customers can update their Data Dictionary to reflect these changes.

The Prepar3D interface now utilises SimConnect to provide a direct connection to P3D and Simulator Solutions have developed an X-Plane plugin called SimData. These changes were necessary to support the Data Dictionary functionality and overcome limitations with the previous interfaces.

There is increased flexibility for inputs and outputs and more code commonality between the supported simulator software. The SimStack Switch and SimStack Loader manuals and associated integration guides have been updated to reflect these changes. Updated documentation is available from the documentation section of the website.

If you are running Prepar3D, X-Plane or ProSim and you proceed with these updates, you will need to make changes to your code and adjust your simulator configuration. More information is available in the relevant Integration Guides. Please don’t hesitate to contact us should you have any questions.

While the basic SimStack software remains free to customers, Simulator Solutions have launched new enterprise features than can be unlocked with a license key. These include a Git code versioning plugin, additional simulator interfaces, power and environmental monitoring, email notification and an interactive web interface. Please contact Simulator Solutions for more information about these enhancements and to obtain a quote.